It’s code we do

I wrote the following text almost a year ago but never released it. Reading it again today, it’s still valid and these are still my thoughts. So, i can publish it today.

Preparing some things for work, trying to find ways to happiness while working with legacy code, the title above formed in my head.

“It’s code we do!”

Delivering products is meeting expectations
If you build a house you need to trust the architect that he cares about the statics of your new build home and you need to trust the construction builder caring about the proportion of ingredients in the concrete he uses. You’re not able to check this. All you could do is hiring a specialist to check the work done for you. But then you need to trust him.

It’s dead simple. All day long we’re working as programmer to fulfill our clients wishes. Most of the time, our clients aren’t able to understand the inner quality of the product they buy. They are just happy if they can use them in the way they want. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the inner quality, because if neither the client nor we care about, noone does.

Would you buy a car produced this way? You’re not able to measure the quality of your car and the manufacturer just doesn’t care about it, because you aren’t able to check the quality of the piston rings.

“The piston rings of the last engine model don’t fit perfectly into the new one, but who cares. The customer will never tell the difference. She asked for a city car. If she never drives faster than 100 kph there will be no problem.”

We, as the architects and builders of the software our customers ask for, are the specialists our customers trust in. Even if our customer can’t tell the difference between good and bad code, they trust in us to deliver only good one.

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